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Sail Loot

by Eva Seelye

Sail Loot
There are plenty of podcasts out there about sailing technique, boating history, crazy stories taking place on the high seas, and living aboard; but Sail Loot might be one of the few about financing a life on the water. This podcast is centered around interviews with boaters as they detail their boating and sailing stories and how they’ve managed to afford their boats, save their money, and find time to go out on the water. Some interviews focus on the financial side of boating while others cover how boaters turned their passion into profitable businesses or side projects that earn them a little extra money.

Podcast host Teddy grew up boating with his parents and got back into it as an adult. After meeting unique people who all funded their boating life through various means, he put together this podcast to bring their insights to the masses. If you’d like to learn a couple tips about making your boating dollars go farther, head to Sail Loot for more.

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