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by Eva Seelye

CGear Sand-Free Mat // $49.99+

CGear Sand-Free Mat

We all love a beautiful sandy beach, but a sandy boat is just infuriating. Instead of taking a hose to every nook and cranny to rid your vessel of irksome sand, check out CGear’s Original Sand-Free Mat to take care of the problem before it boards your boat.
The mat’s dual-layer resilient weave is not only sturdy, but it acts as a one-way sand trap. Once the sand slips through the top layer of the mat, it’s gone for good. The durable mat supports chairs, tables, and most beach accessories, some buyers even use it as a portable porch. With tough attributes, it ends up weighing a little more than their other mats but it’s not too much to handle—the heaviest is the XL at 11.73 lbs.

If you’re hoping to lay on top of it, make sure to lay down a towel or blanket beforehand for added comfort. For a lighter, softer option, check out their Sandlite Sand-Free Mat. Enjoy a beach picnic without finding sand in your potato salad, sunbathing without sand in your swimsuit, and when you’re ready, wipe off your feet, pack it up, and bring it aboard your vessel.

CGear offers four options of Sand-Free Mats: Sandlite, Original, Comfort, and R.V. Each make varies slightly for your desired use. For example, the R.V. mat is mold-free and non-absorbent while the Sandlite is ultra-thin, flexible, and softer with a handle for easy on-the-go adventures. Because it’s the softest of the selection, the mat can also be used as a towel.

The Original Sand-Free Mat includes corner rings for stakes to accommodate R.V./outdoor living areas for an alternative to concrete patios. Mats come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. If you’re in the market for something more compact and transferrable, the Personal Sand-Free Mat may be your best bet. There’s even a drone mat if your aircraft needs a sand-free landing pad! Colors vary. Purchase yours online at cgear-sandfree.com from $49.99.


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