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Clothes for the Fisherman

by Evin Moore


As the temperature outside begins to cool, there are always a few die-hards who are looking to squeeze every last drop of boating they can out of the season. An extra layer like the FG24J Angler Jacket from Gill could make all the difference on a sunny but chilly day that doesn’t call for foul-weather gear just yet.

The Angler Jacket is waterproof and breathable with a lightweight synthetic insulation throughout to cut down on wind chills. A form-fitting hood stays in place even in windy conditions. The outer shell is made with 100% nylon and is covered with a hydrophilic coating that makes rainwater bead and roll right off. If you need a little extra protection from the wind this fall, check out the FG24J Angler Jacket from Gill at fisheriessupply.com. Jackets sell for about $199.

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