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USCG Bar Closures, Openings Work on Social Media

by Kurt Hoehne

The USCG District 13 has embraced social media as a tool to get important warnings out to commercial vessels and recreational boaters. And no doubt that move helped warn mariners over the last couple of days that the bars on the coast would be closed. Now those social media outlets are getting the word out that the bars and harbor entrances are back in business.

The District 13 Twitter feed has more than six thousand followers
The Facebook feed presents photos as well
Some of the vessels standing off the coast yesterday may have gotten their warning via social media

Access the District 13 Facebook page here. Access the Twitter feed here. You won’t be alone: the Facebook page has 5,400+ likes and the Twitter feed just topped 6K followers.

More detailed information for NOAA, including a live camera feed, can be found here.

Technology can be wonderful, especially when it saves lives.

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