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Vaavud Wind Meter + Video Contest

by Kurt Hoehne

Here’s another cool smartphone option, the Vaavud Wind Meter. Good old fashioned cups twirl around and give you a wind reading. Of course any smartphone product like this has some inherent limitations (like being low to the water and not watertight), but for many this could be a very practical way to get basic wind readings.Vaavud-Galxy-S4-iPhone-5

And what would a high-tech gadget be without a video contest to generate some interest? Vaavud is hosting one here. Videotape an adventure you’re having with the Wind Meter and submit it by June 30 (not much time!) and you might win a prize for creativity or adventuresomeness.

Here’s the bullet-list from Vaavud:

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the cup-anemometer style attachment plugs directly into your smart device and is compatible with the free downloadable Vaavud App. The app delivers a clear overview of average, actual and maximum wind speed as well as the world’s first graph for handheld devices. The live map gives users access to measurements made by other Vaavud users globally giving adventure seekers an advantage when scouting their next location. With pinpoint accuracy, the device works with the smart device’s onboard sensors to test wind speed and to ensure the user is holding the device accurately.

·         Electronicless wind meter that plugs directly into your handheld device

·         Calculates wind speed from 4 – 48 knots (2-20 m/s) with pinpoint accuracy +/-4% or .4 knots (0.2 m/s)

·         Free downloadable iOS & Android App includes integrated visualizations and real time graphics; first of its kind for handheld anemometers

·         App interface gives user access to wind measurements made by other Vaavud users globally to geotarget best locations for sports enthusiasts

·         App measures current, average and maximum wind speeds as well as the ability to choose which measurement unit (m/s, knots, mph, km/h, bft)

·         Inspired by design of cup-anemometers with two cup functionality; one piece, molded rotor and low friction Teflon bearing ensures durability

·         Works directly with smartphone’s onboard sensors to ensure that the device is held correctly to avoid inaccurate readings

·         Available in three colors: green, red and white

Available at: vaavud.com, amazon.com and westmarine.com
Website: vaavud.com

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