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Whitehaven 6000

by Norris Comer

Whitehaven 6000

The Australian company Whitehaven Motor Yachts is proud to tout its three versions of Whitehaven 6000, a mid-sized luxury motoryacht family with emphasis on the sleek and sporty. The 6000 comes in three appropriately named flavors: Flybridge, Coupe, and Sunbridge. While the fundamentals and dimensions are the same, the three styles offer very different experiences geared toward their buyers. Customization is clearly a central part of the Whitehall game.

The layout and guts are the same across all three versions. A large, adjustable, wood-trimmed swimstep with removable railings can be either a huge waterside hangout space or provide access to the tender garage built into the transom. A pair of steps lead from the swimstep up to the cockpit on both the port and starboard sides of the transom. The cockpit takes notes from other popular layouts of modern yachts, complete with seating integrated into the transom near a dining table and a built-in BBQ. All the designs also include walkways both starboard and port to the foredeck where a large padded sun lounge will be popular during nice days on the water.

Whitehaven 6000

The interiors are also similar across the three, but inside the differences begin to manifest. The Coupe differs the most from the Flybridge and Sunbridge versions in that there is a helm in the cabin. The two bridge models do away with the traditional helm-in-the-cabin approach in favor of more seating and entertainment space. All three models have a spacious salon upon entry with ample seating and galley, and all three have below-deck accommodations for a recommended six to eight passengers. As is the luxury motoryacht trend right now, the trio of models have a sumptuous island-style bed in the master suite of the V-berth.

Whitehaven 6000 SpecsThe bridge is where the versions of the 6000 distinguish themselves the most. The Coupe does not sport one, while the Flybridge hosts the helm and more entertainment space within a glass wheelhouse. The Sunbridge expands the experience to the elements with an open layout. The Coupe is not completely isolated from the wind-in-your face experience with a convertible-style, deployable roof. As far as performance goes, there are a few engine options and standard engines that differ between the yachts and affect performance. Although these boats have a sport-yacht look, they aren’t meant to be 30+ knot speed machines and will instead max out in the mid-20s.

There’s a lot of choices when it come to the Whitehaven 6000, and whether you are a Coupe, Flybridge, or Sunbridge type of person is up to you. Any way you go about it, these modern-styled yachts seem to offer the cruising and entertaining lifestyle in a sleek-looking, modern package. If interested, you can learn more and request pricing from local dealer Seattle Yachts.

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