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Winter Rendezvous: Sold Out, Not Closed Out

by Kurt Hoehne

There’s still room in Poulsbo for you! Even though our Winter Rendezvous is “sold out,” that only means the “official” dinner and party galas are full. There are still a multitude of fun events going on in Poulsbo during the weekend of February 7-9, 2014. Come join us! Sit around the bonfire, take a brewery tour, join Chip in wine tasting and a glog-fest (whatever that is) and raise a toast to Northwest boating year-round!

We encourage everyone who is ready for fun to get their rear-end to Poulsbo, WA. By boat, float, or doctor’s note, make it to Poulsbo, February 7-9, and enjoy the many events that weekend, including live music, Norse pageantry, an art walk, a marine swap meet, a poker run, and more!

If you’re a dedicated optimist, you can also get on our standby list for gala tickets.

It’s beautiful on the water all year long in the Pacific Northwest! And The Boat Guy wants to get together with other like-minded boaters during the winter and celebrate. Bring your coat, hat, and gloves and lets have some fun in Poulsbo! February 7-9 is one week after the Seattle Boat Show. You just spent 10 days looking at boats and wishing you were using yours, now is the time!

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