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by NWY Staff


// Free for iOS & Android


Among the many great navigational apps competing for the spotlight these days is the Skipper app, a popular and affordable option that’s been around for a while and has experienced constant updates.

With Skipper, you can download NOAA raster charts (not vector charts), set waypoints, make custom routes, and more. The customizable monitor bar at the bottom of the screen can set display data like GPS coordinates, current speed, heading, ETA, and just about anything trip-related you can think of. Of course, Google satellite maps can be overlaid with the raster charts to provide a user-friendly aesthetic.

While the basic version of Skipper is free, the consensus is that it’s worth the $9.99 annual fee for the upgraded version. The $9.99 annual subscription fee still ranks this app as one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, navigation app of its kind on the market today. Dollar for dollar, Skipper may just be on top. Compatible with iOS 5.0 or higher and Android.

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