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by NWY Staff

Aquaglide VARIO™ Paddle Series // $79.95


The VARIO™ Paddle Series’ hardy and adjustable yet lightweight design is notable in the innovative concept by Aquaglide. The Crossover, Reflex, and Superlight designs come in two or four pieces, are adjustable from 210 cm. to 240 cm., and measure in 83” to 94.5” in length by 6.75” width. These paddles weigh in at just 2 to 3 lbs., depending on the style.

The VARIO Reflex’s strong epoxy composite shaft with glass-filled nylon blades improves performance, durability and value and has a gray appearance. Also gray, the Crossover with a 6061 T6 aluminum shaft and durable glass-filled nylon blades offers smooth, efficient power and good value.The Superlight also integrates a light but stiff carbon composite shaft for superior performance, with light-weight, glass-filled nylon blades.

If you’re looking for paddles, these might do the trick. Find yours online at aquaglide.com. Prices from $79.95.

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