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Cut in Line

by NWY Staff

Line Cutterz // From $12.00

Need an extra hand, or two, when fishing? Both hands so busy you use your teeth to cut line? Reach for the ring: the patented Line Cutterz Ring “cuts better than scissors, is safer than knives and scissors, and is extremely portable and convenient,” according to inventor Vance Zahorski. The sleek, adjustable ring has a Velcro strap to fit any size finger and a double-sided recessed blade to safely cut monofilament or braided line.


You aren’t ready for a ring just yet? Line Cutterz mounts on fishing rod handles, kayak seat posts, or boat rails. The manufacturer has introduced an alternative flat-mount model, which uses heavy-duty 3M outdoor adhesive to attach to virtually any smooth, clean, flat surface. Cut line anytime from your boat console, relining/rigging station, kayak, stand-up paddle board, or cooler.

Made with a two-sided stainless steel blade and stainless steel rivet set in ABS plastic, the Line Cutterz product comes in blaze orange, black, glow in the dark, pink, or carbon fiber options. Take it anywhere; it’s Transportation Security Administration compliant so it’s extremely portable and convenient. Need a handy cutter for crafting, sewing, and any repairs involving thread or string? Slip on your Line Cutterz.

The manufacturer offers a seven-day free exchange for damaged or defective products, and 30-day returns for unused Line Cutterz. They’re available direct from linecutterz.com, some Walmart stores, or amazon.com for about $12.00. Serious fishermen—put a ring on your fishing trip!

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