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App Spotlight: January 2018

by NWY Staff

RaceLogic VBOX Sport || Free for iOs ($429 for the unit)

RaceLogicVBOXThe VBOX Sport from RaceLogic is a GPS data logger. It can be used on any vehicle to gather information about acceleration, deceleration, etc. The VBOX is a water-resistant device the size of a cell phone, that can be attached anywhere on deck. The VBOX is designed with simplicity in mind; only two buttons — on/off and record. The unit will record your position 20 times a second using GPS and save the data to be reviewed later, or display it in real time using Bluetooth. If you have been looking to see what your craft is capable of, pick up a VBOX Sport by RaceLogic and find out. VBOX’s price tag is $429 for the unit. vboxmotorsport.co.uk.

Pro Angler Fishing Reports || Free for Android and iOs 9

Pro AnglerNever be out of the loop with the Pro Angler Fishing App. Designed to be the hub of all things saltwater fishing, Pro Angler provides you with everything you could possibly need to know, be it weekly location reports from tournament winning captains, reports on what’s biting now, or data on over 220 species of fish. The app comes with the best fishing destinations, accurate weather reports, bait and tackle suggestions, and the location of over 1,000 bait and fishing shops for easy resupplying. If you’re on the hunt for an app with everything in one place, check out Pro Angler. Pro Angler is free for the Android and iOs 9 or later.

GoFreeHOOKED || Free for Android & iOs

GoFreeHOOKEDGoFree HOOKED, made by Navico, is a tracking app for anglers designed to record your fishing trips, track where you make your catches, and easily log details about them. The app’s “Catch” function allows you to quickly record all the stats of your catch and easily share them with friends, family, and rivals using text message or social media. The app uses GPS navigation to allow you to record the best fishing locations so you can find the same spots next time out. GoFree HOOKED also has a unique “Compete” feature that allows you to create your own fishing tournaments with your friends. Set the parameters (like size or quantity) and let the games begin. Check out the GoFree HOOKED app if you need a convenient way to record fishing trips, or want to prove once and for all who’s the best angler.

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