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Goods + Gear – July 2022

by Randy Woods

Oyster White Wine & Hama Hama this Summa’ Summa’

The year 2022 marks the centennial anniversary of the famous Hama Hama Oyster Company on Hood Canal, so Oregon-based Cooper Mountain Vineyards is celebrating the milestone with the release of their Oyster White, a crisp white wine that pairs perfectly with Puget Sound’s tastiest bivalves. Crafted from a blend of Tocai Friulano, Pinot Gris, and Gewürztraminer grapes grown organically in the volcanic soils of the Willamette Valley, Oyster White is an ideal tribute to two multi-generational companies in the Pacific Northwest. If you need more encouragement to toast the new summer boating season, proceeds from the wine’s sales will go to the Puget Sound Restoration Fund, which supports the restoration of aquatic ecosystems subject to climate change. We can all drink to that! $28 // coopermountainwine.com

Nighttime Getting Nippy? Time for a ChappyWrap

It may be all sea and sun this summer, but those warm daytime temps will surely drop on the water in the evening. This cozy, two-sided Fair Winds blanket, made in partnership between New England-based ChappyWrap and outerwear company Boathouse Sports, will take the chill out of nighttime breezes and evening dampness. One side of the machine-washable, 38” by 57” wrap features a plush cotton-acrylic-blend blanket with a charming navy blue and ivory sailboat design; the other is made of water-resistant Boathouse Supplex nylon material. The combination, created with a jacquard-woven design, is an unbeatable way to stay warm and dry—and look good doing it—when the sun goes down. $115 // chappywrap.com

Enjoy Shore Excursions with the Yeti Hopper M20

It’s officially picnic season and with the new Yeti Hopper M20 Backpack Cooler, you can pack in up to 18 cans of your favorite beverage or bring along sandwiches and fruit for a summertime family feast ashore. The tough outer shell is made of high-density fabric to withstand the elements and protect from UV rays. The M20’s ColdCell insulation ensures everything is kept cold during long hikes and held securely and leak-free with its magnetic enclosure on top. Best of all, the soft shoulder straps allow you to carry everything you need, hands-free. (No more tote bags digging into your fingers!) Available in navy, charcoal, alpine yellow, or Bimini pink. $325 // yeti.com.

S’more Reasons to Go Hog Wild at the Campfire

The fine art of roasting dinner over on open campfire is a delicate business—too little time and you’ve barely singed it, too long and you end up with flaming charcoal. This summer, use the technology of the Hog Wild Reel Roaster to guarantee the perfect amount of cooking time. Whether it’s toasted marshmallows, shish-kebab veggies, or a good ol’ roasted weenie, the two-pronged stainless steel cooking skewers can handle it. Just hold the fishing pole-style grip and turn the crank slowly over the flame to continuously rotate your food, providing even cooking throughout. To protect tiny fingers from the heat, the cooking tines telescope out to 27 inches. Skewers are easily detachable for quick cleanup. And parents: Don’t forget the Hershey bars. $20 // amazon.com

Pump Up the Volume with Infinity Marine Speakers

We’ve waited all year for summer boating parties to return, so it’s time to trick out your watercraft with the ultimate marine sound system. These Infinity Reference Marine Speakers should keep the beats flowing at your next rendezvous, featuring RGB lighting to add a dash of color to the music. Built to handle all the sun, salt, and sea spray Pacific Northwest waters can dish out, these 6.5-inch, UV-resistant speakers from Prospec Electronics include a sealed motor structure, one-piece cast-polymer baskets, a sealed magnet, and rubber surrounds. The durable polypropylene cone and balanced dome tweeter provide great bass and smooth highs to make sure the party tunes play all night long. $230 // prospecelectronics.com

Keep Shades Where They Belong with FloatO

Don’t let another pair of sunglasses disappear into the briny deep. These stylish M Class X2 shades from Blenders Eyewear are designed to turn heads, but if they come off your head, they are also made of tough plastic material that floats in water so you can easily retrieve them. The Float₂O collection lenses are polarized for extra glare-reducing clarity and provide 100% UV protection. The matte black, unisex frames of the Float₂O series resist saltwater corrosion and feature an array of fashionable, multi-colored temple styles. Available in mirrored Sea Foam blue, Firestorm red, and Salty Beach champagne, as well as classic Tide Storm black; comes with a microfiber pouch and sticker pack. $49 // blenderseyewear.com

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