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Goods + Gear – June 2023

by Randy Woods

Wake Up with Island Time’s Killer Cuppa

This new Salish Orca Blend from Island Time Coffee will surely fill your sails. Created with a mix of sustainably harvested coffee beans that are roasted in the Vienna and Italian style, this medium/dark brew has a smooth taste and smoky finish to help get your engine running each morning. Specializing in small-batch, chemical-free, farm-direct coffee, the Whidbey Island company is also doing its part to protect the Southern Resident Orca Whales in the region, donating 10% of its Salish Orca Blend sales to Orca Network, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving healthy marine life habitats. The picture on each bag shows Wavewalker, Ino, and Keta, three actual orcas from the local L-pod. Other popular Island Time java blends include Deception Dark, Ferry Line Blues, and Island Sunset French. $13 per bag; $38 for a three-pack // islandtimecoffeeco.com

Enjoy Underwater Sunsets with Apelo

As the colors of the sky dim on your next sunset cruise, these dazzling lights can keep the show going under the surface. The Apelo A1 surface-mounted light from Hella Marine shines up to 1,800 lumens of RGB light to bathe your vessel in an underwater glow, using any desired color of the rainbow. Apelo’s UV-resistant Grilamid lenses focus light in a vertical but wide horizontal angle, making the light appear brighter when viewed from above the waterline. The corrosion-resistant thermal polymer housing can be mounted on any kind of hull material and is built to endure prolonged submersion. Made in New Zealand, the Apelo A1 includes advanced electronics that suppress potential interference with onboard radios, chartplotters, or other navigational devices. $216 // Available from Fisheries Supply in Seattle, fisheriessupply.com

Sharing Salty Tales by the Campfire

If it’s June, you know it’s peak Copper River salmon season, and the perfect time to prepare your grill for savory BBQ dishes. To help add flavor to your summertime delectables, a dash of Campfire Sea Salt, a blend of alder wood smoke and chili spices, instantly evokes memories of outdoor gatherings with friends around a circle of crackling embers. This smoked Alaskan sea salt from Salmon Sisters is made with Maras chili, Urfa chili, and black garlic, and blended by Curio Spice, a woman-owned nonprofit. But the delicious meals you make with this sea salt can be shared by multitudes—like all products from Salmon Sisters, 1% of all proceeds from Campfire Sea Salt sales are donated to the Give Fish Project, which provides wild Alaskan seafood to the Food Bank of Alaska. $19 // aksalmonsisters.com

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Tempest Cooler Keeps the Party Afloat

Have you ever accidentally knocked a fully loaded cooler overboard and watch it sink to the bottom? Yes, we have, too, with tears in our eyes. Fortunately, Mission is offering a solution for all boaters, klutzy or otherwise, with this Tempest Day Cooler. Large enough to fit up to 40 beverage cans or 20 twelve-ounce bottles, this durable, lightweight cooler features a nylon shell, waterproof zippers, and welded seams, so it floats no matter what’s inside. With 1-inch-thick insulation and a padded, bright-orange interior, the soft-pack cooler keeps things icy for hours of use. To help organize other party items, the Tempest also includes internal and exterior mesh pockets. A sturdy handle with Velcro clasps allows for easy portability, either on land or offshore. $179 // boatgear.missionoutdoor.com

Salty-Home Has Your Organization Needs Pegged

For all those times you need to get stuff off the floor, organize your messy desk, or just get the kids to hang up their dang coats (good luck with that!), Salty-Home has a cheery way to organize your home in a fun nautical style. This 11-inch-high, wave-shaped pegboard comes with 18 pre-drilled holes and four dowels that you can arrange in any configuration you like to hang things like keys, sunglasses, small tools, or light jackets. Made from sustainably harvested wood and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the pegboard lets you liven up your ocean-themed décor while you protect forest health. It’s perfect for kids’ rooms, foyers, salons, or anywhere you want to show your love for surf, tides, and tidiness. $39 // salty-home.com

PNW Pennant

The PNW Wins the Pennant Every Time!

The “Upper Left” corner of the U.S. is a pretty cool spot for outdoorsy people. Why not display a little “rah-rah” for your favorite place to live? These retro sports style pennants allow you to proclaim your Washington state pride. Featuring the state name in forest green and gold, accompanied by a leaping rainbow trout, the triangular pennant from The Great PNW is a great gift for all Evergreen State anglers in your life. Those from other PNW states can be celebrated, too, with a blue-and-yellow banner featuring an Oregon lighthouse and a maroon-and-gold Idaho pennant showing a fly fisherman in the mountains. Each pennant measures 11.5 inches by 29 inches and comes with flagpole ties. Seriously, why would you want to live anywhere else? $26 // thegreatpnw.com

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