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Goods + Gear – March 2022

by Randy Woods

Davy Jones’ Cookbook: ‘Shellfish’ on the Menu

As we prepare to hop aboard more this spring, now’s the time to start planning your next seafood feast on the water. Recently released by Sasquatch Books, the Shellfish: 50 Seafood Recipes for Shrimp, Crab, Mussels, Clams, Oysters, Scallops, and Lobster cookbook by renowned Northwest food writer Cynthia Nims shows you how to prepare 50 kinds of sumptuous delicacies from the briny deep. This treasure trove has a recipe for nearly every kind of ocean cuisine—including ideas for appetizers, soups, salads, and entrees—as well as information about seasonality, sustainability, shopping, and handling. Perfect for every level of cooking know-how, from novices to culinary experts, Nims’ friendly, easy-to-follow instructions help build culinary confidence, whether it’s in your galley or in your home kitchen. $22.95 // Available on Amazon and area booksellers, sasquatchbooks.com

Serving Canapé by the Bay

One look at this eye-catching serving board will have party guests feeling as if they’re strolling through the surf on a lazy afternoon. Handmade by Maine-based artist Meghan Surette, this enchanting serving tray from Uncommon Goods uses vibrant layers of food-safe epoxy to create a startlingly realistic depiction of a receding wave on a wood-grain shore. A whimsical nautical cleat on each end of the 15-inch maple board provides a secure grip for carrying charcuterie and crudités. However, this one-of-a-kind piece of culinary art is not a cutting board, so be sure to prepare food on a different surface before presenting. Handwash in warm water and add an occasional dab of mineral oil to ensure that the board will transport you to seaside getaways for years to come. $85 // uncommongoods.com

Gotta GO? Put it in a Pelican

The weather may be getting a little warmer, but springtime seas in the Northwest can still be rough. Protect your valuables from the elements with these durable Pelican G10 “GO Cases,” which come with a lifetime guarantee. Essential items, such as keys, cellphones, credit cards, charging cables, jewelry, and watches, can all be neatly organized and shielded from drops overboard or spills on deck. Made of abrasion- and impact-proof ABS thermoplastic polymer and protected by rubberized bumpers, each 21-cubic-inch GO Case provides a barrier against water, dirt, snow, and dust. It even has a pressure valve to provide watertight storage for up to 30 minutes when submerged to a depth of up to one meter. $29.95 // Available from Fisheries Supply, fisheriessupply.com

Warmth in the Palm of Your Hand

During spring days, when the layering of clothing is a must in the volatile Northwest climate, these Merino 150 Sensor Liners can protect your hands in the elements and make them look good doing it. Either worn inside heavier gloves on icy days or on their own during sunbreaks, these liners keep fingers in top condition, with recycled polyester and Merino interlock wool for warmth and moisture-wicking performance. The breathable fabric is naturally odor resistant, so you don’t have to bring ocean smells back home at the end of a day on the water. The Sensor Liners from Outdoor Research also have textured tips on the thumb and index finger, making them touchscreen-compatible for operating digital technology in the cold. Fitted with a tapered wrist, these comfortable, quick-drying liners will stay in place all day. $30 // outdoorresearch.com

Get a Grip with Bahama Boat Shoes

Don’t get tripped up again on slick, rolling decks. The Omni-Grip soles on this stylish Bahama Vent Loco footwear from Columbia, featuring razor-siped treads that push water away, will keep your feet firmly planted in all kinds of weather. These elegant boat shoes also have vented ports on each side and are cushioned with sturdy Techlite EVA midsoles, giving you the arch support needed in an active marine environment. Best of all, the textured canvas-and-leather uppers are water- and stain-resistant— Columbia’s “Blood ‘n Guts” fabric treatment lives up to its name! Even after a long day of sportfishing, the Bahama shoes are ready for relaxing at an evening cocktail party. Available in graphite, oatmeal, and steam colors. $75 // columbia.com

Line Cutterz Pull Zips Through Fishing Lines

When you need to cut bait, don’t go scrambling for a knife, just grab this new Line Cutterz tool on your fishing jacket. Made of tough ABS plastic, these convenient line cutters can connect to jackets, tackle bags, soft-sided coolers, waders—anything with a zipper. The curved plastic casing conceals a razor sharp, ceramic-coated blade that can precisely slice through braided, monofilament, or fluorocarbon lines like a knife through butter. The curved cutting slots on either side protect fingers from coming into contact with the recessed cutting surface. As seen in an episode of Shark Tank, these inexpensive tools also include a textured, non-slip grip to give you control, even in the slipperiest of settings. $14 each, or $55 for a 5-pack // linecutterz.com

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