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Goods + Gear – September 2022

by Randy Woods

Hide Valuables with a Flick of the Wrist

Boating gives people the joy of freedom, but there are a few land-based worries that can still follow you out on the water, like theft. But this stylish, functional bracelet has an ingenious trick up its… um… wrist. Tucked into the stretchy fabric folds of the Ring Bandit is a hidden zipper pocket large enough to hold small valuables such as boat keys, wedding rings, earrings, and other jewelry you don’t want to get in the way of your fun. The flexible band can also be wrapped around a phone, a water bottle, or a belt loop. The original Ring Bandit comes in a fitting ocean blue hue, but is also available in dozens of other eye-catching colors. $30 // ringbandits.com

Don’t Even Talk to Me Until I Mug Up

An essential tool for any hard-working fisher is a good ol’ cuppa joe, strong enough to wake Davy Jones himself. Who better, then, to understand the importance of that morning jolt than the indominable Salmon Sisters of Alaska? Branded as the “Mug Up” blend, the name of this coffee refers to a cherished daily break time for maritime workers to gather and tell tales of their exploits—some tales “taller” than others. Each bag contains whole, Guatemala-grown Arabica coffee beans, roasted by the Alaska-based Kaladi Brothers. Enhanced with notes of apple, chocolate, brown sugar, and caramel, Mug Up is sure to help you greet the day on your next boating adventure. $17.95 per 1 lb. bag // aksalmonsisters.com

It’s Hip to Be Squared with Ember Mug²

Speaking of coffee, you’ll need a strong mug to carry that piping-hot rocket fuel. The Ember Travel Mug² (we’re not sure why it’s squared either) keeps your java lava-hot and leaves your hands cool to the touch, thanks to a rechargeable-battery-powered heating element. Have a particular temperature in mind? Just select your preferred level (from 120°F to 145°F), set Mug² on the heating coaster, and your joe will be kept as hot, or as cool, as you want for up to three hours. Even when you’re away from your Mug², the temp can be adjusted up or down via the Ember smartphone app. $129-$149 // ember.com

Staying Dry is in the Bag with Filson

The autumnal chill has returned to the Northwest, which means the dampness will soon be right on its heels. To ward off the inevitable sea spray, Filson is offering this Dry Roll-Top Tote that can withstand any gloom the fall weather dishes out. Made of tough 840-denier nylon infused with thermoplastic polyurethane, this tote is watertight, but light and flexible enough to be carried with ease, either by hand or with the detachable, padded shoulder strap. With a capacity of 35 liters, the bag has a roll-top enclosure that cinches down with buckle straps for secure storage of food, beverages, or other valuables. An extra layer of webbing along the sides also includes loops to carry all kinds of additional gear. $185 // filson.com

Oh, the Sharkbyte Has Such Teeth, Dear…

The shark may be nature’s best example of elegant design, maximum strength, and ruthless efficiency. The same can be said for Xtratuf’s Sharkbyte deck shoes. The sleek, deceptively simple design contains the hidden strength of nylon fishing nets, yet the shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day, on or off the boat. With an upper material made of 100% regenerated Econyl fibers, the shoes have a slip-resistant, non-marking, chevron outsole, a reinforced leather heel panel, and a rear pull tab for easy-on, easy-off use. The water-resistant material includes a breathable mesh for added ventilation and is strong enough to keep you steady, while protecting your feet from all the abuse that unforgiving boat decks can dish out. $95 // xtratuf.com

Eversprout Will Have You Hooked

Few items in a boater’s toolkit are as essential and versatile as the common boat hook. This telescoping model from Eversprout gives you a reach of 6 feet horizontally and 8 to 10 feet vertically when standing, allowing you to move objects where the need to be, whether on deck or in the water. When fully extended, the lightweight hook can help boaters apply up to 30 pounds of pressure, or more than 100 pounds when fully retracted. The anodized aluminum extension pole, equipped with non-slip foam hand grips and a galvanized locking mechanism to prevent rust, also floats if it falls overboard. $54 // eversprout.com

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