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Horizon FD77 Skyline

by Norris Comer

Horizon FD77 SkylineA brand-new build joins Horizon Yachts’ Fast Displacement (FD) series—the FD77 Skyline—straight from the drawing desk of designer Cor D. Rover. With an overall length of 80’ 6’, the FD77 is the smallest of the family that ranges up to the FD125 Skyline, although nobody should consider the FD77 to be diminutive. While sleek and modernly styled, this cruise-ready yacht is made to leave the dock behind for the long haul over rugged waters.Horizon FD77 Skyline

Starting at the conspicuous sky lounge, both enclosed and open flybridge versions are offered depending on a client’s tastes. The fundamental layout remains the same either way, with captain and first mate chairs at the forward helm station, plenty of sheltered entertainment space, and aft space for the dinghy and davit system.

Interestingly, FD77 features a large swim step and opening transom, however the space holds what the builder calls a beach club, which is mostly space for entertaining vs. a purely utilitarian tender garage. A head and crew quarters are also accessible via the beach club.

One design feature that grabs the eye are the simply massive ceiling to floor windows integrated into the superstructure of the build. New yachts in general are seeking to add maximum window space for increased interior natural lighting, Horizon FD77 Skylinebut it’s hard to imagine more raw surface area being devoted to the cause than what’s on display with the FD77. Of course, palatial interior space is included within. The lower deck contains three additional staterooms, each massive. Two of the staterooms are VIP-style, meaning queen-sized beds, a desk, en suite head with the works, TV, closet, and more.

A few of the defining design features, including the iconic bow shape (penned a high-performance piercing bow by the manufacturer), have modern engineering logic behind them. For example, an extra strong collision bulkhead is meant to give the FD77 plenty of strength, and integrated tunnels built into the hull is decidedly contemporary. The FD 77 is powered by a standard duo of CAT inboard diesel C18A 1,136-horsepower engines.

All in all, the new Horizon FD77 Skyline looks like a natural addition to the Horizon Skyline family. The first ones are in the building stage at the time of this writing, but there should FD77s available through the local dealer, Emerald Pacific Yachts, come 2019. Feel free to reach out to them for more information and pricing.

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