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Lantern Lunacy

by NWY Staff

Luci Outdoor Inflatable Solar Lantern

Luci Outdoor Inflatable Solar Lantern Waterproof, ultra-light, and solar-powered; what else could you possibly want in a lantern? Inflatable? That’s one of its features too! The Inflatable Solar Lantern LUCI 2.0 is perfect for small boats. At full capacity, these LED lanterns measure 4.25″ high and 5″ wide, but when collapsed, they’re just about half an inch tall. Throw it in your backpack, suitcase, nav-station, purse, emergency kit, or any other compact space.

Adjust brightness according to your needs with its four different modes: low, bright, super bright, and flashing. No need to worry about keeping track of batteries or added battery weight because these versatile Luci lights are solar powered. They’re great for camping, boating, racing, and even kayaking as exhibited by Race to Alaska (R2AK) competitor Roger Mann who strapped them to the stern of his kayak during the race.

With two straps – a fixed top strap and a bottom adjustable strap – you can attach the Luci Outdoor virtually anywhere. At full charge (approximately eight hours in direct sunlight), the lantern emits up to 24 hours of light on its highest setting. See the charge level indicator to determine when your Luci Outdoor lantern needs a little sun.

The lantern has won multiple awards including the 2014 Katerva Sustainability award and is the company’s most versatile light thus far! Purchase your Luci Outdoor 2.0 online at mpowerd.com for $19.95.

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