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Picnic Launch

by Norris Comer

Picnic Launch Lake WashingtonThe waterways of the Netherlands are as picturesque as they come, complete with Dutch windmills, tulip fields, and wooden clogs as far as the eye can see. Why not bring some of that Dutch magic to the states? Enter the Picnic Launch from Beaver, an imported 29-foot launch from Holland whose old world, shippy good looks are easy to identify at the docks.

Teak planked settees with built-in storage and exquisite mahogany joinery framework set the tone aboard, and eight passengers can be seated comfortably for the ride. What’s more, a thick rope rubric runs almost completely around the boat, sparing only the gentle tumblehome at the transom with a swim platform. The expansive cockpit features a stylish wood center console helm and access to the companionway to berths below forward.

The Picnic Launch is not just looks, however. The Europeans love their gadgets, and the Picnic Launch is designed with ample space to provide digital engine instrumentation, electronic engine controls, and more at the helm. The craft is powered by twin 220-horsepower Volvo or Yanmar diesel engines that push the Picnic Launch at a sporting maximum speed of 38 knots (according to the manufacturer).

Picnic Launch SpecsIn this era of production runabouts that increasingly look the same, Beaver’s Picnic Launch dares to embrace a completely different look and feel. Perhaps “Picnic Launch” will become a class unto itself if this catches on? The Beaver Picnic Launch is sold in America exclusively by Emerald Pacific Yachts (emeraldpacificyachts.com) in Seattle, Washington. Contact Emerald Pacific for pricing and details.

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