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Goods + Gear – April 2022

by Randy Woods

Secure Your Drinks with Magnets

We’ve all done it before. You turn around in a tight space and knock over your favorite frosty beverage. Now the power of magnets can help keep your teak decks dry. Created by a Seattle boater who had little luck with Velcro-based options on the market, the new Anchor Drink Coaster is a two-piece system: a plastic, adhesive-backed coaster that sticks to any flat surface and a silicone container sleeve that keeps your drink cool. A strong magnet hidden inside the sleeve holds to the waterproof coaster, protecting against any rough seas ahead. The coaster also works on truck tailgates, kayaks, or paddleboards so you can stay hydrated on the go. Debuting at the recent Seattle Boat Show, the Anchor Starter Pack comes with a coaster, a drink sleeve, and two metallic connector disks. $39.95 // anchordrinksystems.com

Nautical-Themed Tea for Three Set

One of our favorite brands, the Alaska-based Salmon Sisters, has done it again with two sets of functional and beautiful tea towels that are sure to brighten up any galley or land-based kitchen. The Seafarers collection includes blue-ink pictographic images of salmon species, instructions on how to filet a fish, and a series of nautical knot configurations. The Coastal Creatures series features fanciful line drawings of mermaids, sea creatures, birds, and wildflowers, each with a different ink color. Each 130-thread-count white cotton towel measures 28-inches square, includes a corner hanging loop, and four-sided hems. In addition, 1% of all proceeds go to the Give Fish Project, which provides wild-caught seafood to the Food Bank of Alaska. $19 for a set of three // aksalmonsisters.com.

Roll On Up to Your Next Fishing Trip with Calissa Backpacks

Borrowing from the time-tested designs of rolling suitcases for air travel, these Recon Rolling Backpacks from Calissa Offshore Tackle make it easy to pack all of your fishing gear into one compact travel package. Made of tough water-resistant material, the pack includes a 12-inch-high space with five plastic pull-out tackle trays, a 6-inch zippered upper compartment for larger items, four fishing rod holders on the sides, a sturdy metal frame, and two padded shoulder straps to carry everything on your back if needed. For movement on flat surfaces, the Recon pack features four smooth-rolling wheels and an extendable, rigid handle. Also comes with a sea-spray/rain cover to further protect gear from heavy weather. $169.99 // calissafishing.com

Balmar’s ‘Next Gen’ SG200 Battery Monitor

To run a tight ship, you need total control of you power supplies. The new SG200 battery monitor from Balmar helps maintain this control by keeping track of multiple energy storage banks in a vessel via its SmartLink network. The SG200 is being called a next-generation monitor for its ability to accurately detect the diminishing capacity of batteries as they age. Featuring an easy-to-read color display, the monitor provides battery performance information either at the helm or via Bluetooth smartphone apps. A modular design also allows for the SG200 to be easily expanded to other Balmar systems. Suitable for a wide variety of battery types, including lead-acid, lithium-ion, standard AGM, TPPL AGM, carbon foam AGM, and GELs, the SG200 also supports 12V-48V battery banks. $249 // fisheriessupply.com

Find Targets Faster with the GMR Fantom Radome

The latest solid-state GMR Fantom Radome from Garmin can detect virtually any kind of movement within a range of 20 feet all the way up to 48 nautical miles. A rotation speed of up to 60 RPM enables the Radome to operate through the densest fog or rain. Operating with 50 watts of output power, the high antenna gain helps create sharper displays and determine targets at greater distances. Garmin’s MotionScope technology uses the Doppler effect to highlight moving targets with 8-bit, true color imagery, so boaters can better distinguish between fish movements and avoidable hazards, such as severe weather or other nearby vessels. Available in white or black, the intuitive GMR Fantom is free of complex user settings, making it easy to install right out of the box. $2,200 // garmin.com

Keep Those Scuppers Plugged!

Having trouble with unplanned leaks from the factory-made scupper stoppers in your kayak? These eye-catching plugs will do the trick as replacements or back-ups for your existing plugs. Made locally by Seattle Sports, the flexible silicone scupper plugs feature a multi-tiered design of descending ring sizes, making them adaptable to the width of most scupper holes. Just snap them in for a snug, watertight fit and pop them out afterwards for easy kayak drainage. Available in bright neon green or a swirl of yellow, orange, and red, the stylish plugs are always easy to see, and even glow in the dark for use in low light. $9.95 per pair // rei.com

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