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Tacoma Maritime Fest

by Kurt Hoehne

The Tacoma Maritime Festival is full on this weekend. Click here for full information and a program pdf. There are kids activities, the chance to board everything from a tall ship to a container ship, vendors and the works. And from Captain Skip Anderson and our friends at Flagship Maritime, a selection of free seminars and discounts on other programs:Print

Greetings all! Saturday and Sunday, August 24-25, the 2013 Tacoma Maritime Festival takes place. I know this is pretty darned short notice, but there are a couple of considerations I want to bring to your attention:

Flagship is hosting the following free seminars. If you’ve got the time, please consider dropping by, grabbing a cup of our famous lousy coffee, getting the 25-cent tour, and enjoying the seminar of your choice:

1100 Wendy Hinman / Living without Refrigeration
1230 Nancy Erley / One World Twice Around
1400 Wendy Hinman / Keeping Your Relationship Off the Rocks
1530 Skip Anderson / What It Takes to Earn Your Captain’s License

1100 Sandy Williamson / Trailerable Cruising on a Budget
1230 Skip Anderson / What It Takes to Earn Your Captain’s License
1400 Chuck Fowler / Tall Ships on Puget Sound
1500 Chuck Fowler/ Tugboats on Puget Sound
1600 Sandy Williamson / Touring the Great Loop

All great stuff! Then there’s this …

Flagship will match anyone’s deposit enrolling in an upcoming OUPV course this fall, up to $100. Enroll with $100, save $100! Hey, that’s a few cheeseburgers! Offer good between 1000 Saturday, August 24th and 1700 Sunday, August 25th. If you can’t make it in person, call ins are welcome – dial (253) 905-5972. Here are the fall start dates:

September 9th – October 3rd Evening class
October 7th – October 17th Day class
October 28th – November 21st Evening class
December 2nd – December 12th Day class

Hope to see some of you this weekend!

Best regards,

Captain Skip Anderson
Director, Flagship Maritime
821 Dock Street
Tacoma, Washington 98402

(253) 227-2003

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