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Goods + Gear – October 2021

by Randy Woods

Be safe & stylish with XTRATUF/Salmon Sister slip-ons

Need a quick jaunt from boat to marina? You can slip on these stylish leather shoes, but you won’t slip sideways—their Chevron outsoles will hold tight on all kinds of slick decks and docks. This particular Sharkbyte style features an adorable pink-and-white octopus design by NWY’s favorite Alaska-based fishing entrepreneurs, the Salmon Sisters. Made of water-resistant nubuck leather, the lightweight, flexible, and durable shoes crafted in the XTRATUF tradition also come with removable cushioned insoles to provide added comfort for the long haul. $100 // xtratuf.com

Blackout? Make out? The Wick lantern always shines

For those who need extra (or even emergency) lighting during these longer autumnal evenings, Wick is the perfect atmospheric way to banish the darkness. Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, this 10-inch-high portable lantern from Seattle-based Graypants combines the ambiance of candlelight with the practicality of a flashlight. Just touch the plated-aluminum lamp for high, medium, and low modes to flood your cabin or galley with warm, golden LED light. The glow is cool to the touch and lasts for more than 7 hours on a single USB charge, providing plenty of time for any nighttime activity, romantic or otherwise. Available in brass or graphite colors, $149 // graypants.com

Water rolls off your back with the Kahana shirt

If you love the water, you need a shirt that hates it: The Kahana hydrophobic shirt from Hawaii-based Bluesmiths. Made with a water-repellant fabric called NanoSphere, the Kahana is comfortable and breathable, but keeps moisture away from your skin, providing protection for those days when wind and sea-spray can chill you to the bone. When you don’t mind getting wet from activities like paddleboarding, windsurfing, or kayaking, the clothing dries quickly and stays dry longer than conventional shirts. Available in a wide assortment of colors and sizes, the Kahana is also well suited as a base layer for land-based fun in all types of weather, such as mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. $95 // bluesmiths.com

Paddle against the dying of the light with GLoFin

These October days mean longer nights are ahead, but that doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying a nighttime paddleboard excursion. ESCA Surf now offers a detachable aluminum fin equipped with two bright LED Litra torches, shining at 1,600 lumens for up to two hours on a single USB charge. The GLoFin can be either screwed onto the bottom of your board or slid in with an adapter (sold separately) to provide stunning views of the water and seafloor beneath you. The assembly can also be used day or night as your standard fin. Another option offers a mount on which you can attach a waterproof camera to capture the wonders of the deep. Available in yellow, navy, or black, $199.95 // escasurf.com

Keep the beats flowing with Garmin’s Fusion Apollo amps

Fall is already here, but the party season can keep going strong with these efficient, easy-to-install Fusion Apollo amplifiers from Garmin. The amps, compatible with all existing Fusion DSP-enabled stereo systems, provide long-lasting power and less drain on battery charges during your next boating party. The monoblock produces 650-watt RMS, with amplifiers—available in four, six, and eight channels—supplying 150 watts per channel. The Easy Tune feature automatically adjusts audio settings for peak sound quality without distortion or the need for time-consuming manual controls. These rugged units are designed specifically for the harsh marine environment, taking many seasons of punishment from sea salt, fog, temperature changes, UV light, and vibration. $649.99 // buy.garmin.com

Help protect steelhead habitat with RepYourWater hat

Northwest boaters and anglers can help protect precious habitat for Washington’s state fish, the steelhead, with this comfy cap from RepYourWater, an apparel brand dedicated to supporting conservations efforts. Featuring a “Wild Steel” logo over the state outline, the “coastal green” cotton twill and forest-green mesh will gradually fade with use, giving it a unique vintage look after repeated fishing trips. The cap is adjustable with a snap-back and comes with a pre-curved bill, so some fans of former Mariner coach Lou Piniella may object. More importantly, 3% of every sale goes to support the Seattle-based Wild Steelhead Coalition, which is dedicated to increasing the return of wild steelhead to the waters of the West Coast. $27 // repyourwater.com


XTRATUF X Salmon Sister Leather Slip-Ons


Wick Lantern Light from Local Co. Graypants


Kahana Hydrophobic Shirt from BlueSmith https://www.bluesmiths.com/collections/all_products/products/the-kanaha?variant=39401822814345

ESCA GloFin Paddle Board Light Kit

Garmin Fusion® Apollo™ Marine Amplifiers


Rep Your Water Wild Washington Steelhead Hat https://www.repyourwater.com/collections/washington/products/wild-washington-steel-hat

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