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Safety First with WaterWare

by Norris Comer

Safety First with WaterWareSchool is out and the kiddos are out in force! This means juice boxes, sunscreen, and of course, life jackets. There are a lot of subpar options out there that just don’t provide the proper flotation to keep a young one safe and comfortable. Fortunately, Stohlquist’s WaterWare’s United States Coast Guard- and Transport Canada-approved lifejackets for infants and children are up to the task.

The unique wrap-around flotation design performs a number of critical functions. The life jacket rotates a floating child face-up and the dual support collars safey cradle the child’s head. The front zipper, adjustable front and side straps, and adjustable crotch strap ensures the jacket won’t easily slide-off.

Stohlquist’s infant and child PFDs also come in a variety of fun colors. You can buy these PFDs at Fisheries Supply for $59.95.

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