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Put the Waves to Work

by Evin Moore


The Drainman Bilge Pump by Unimer is a unique bilge pump for smaller boats and open boats powered by the natural action of wind and waves. The pump connects to the dock and the other end connects to your boat; the movement of the water compresses the pump, moving up to 600 gallons of water every 24 hours. Because it’s powered by nature, there’s no danger that the pump will fail or run out of electricity.

The Drainman is self-priming and can withstand forces up to 15,000 newtons. A nine-foot hose attaches to the pump, although an extra nine-foot hose can be attached, if needed. If you feel like letting the wind and the waves power the bilge pump on your boat, head to ravesports.com. Pumps go for about $80.

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