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Super Space Saver

by Evin Moore


Even in a home kitchen, counter space is at a premium. Aboard, space is even more valuable. Most boaters have learned to use a cutting board that fits over the sink to increase counter real estate, but there are other ways to utilize space over the sink. The Roll-Up Drying Rack is made up of a series of connected metal rods that can be rolled up when not in use, saving you even more space than other over-the-sink drying racks.

The drying rack can also serve as an extra hot pad for large dishes or pans and is built with silicone-coated steel resistant to rusting and heat. The rack is BPA-free and safe for use in dishwashers. Rubber on both ends of the rack keeps it from slipping even in rough waters. If you’d like to take advantage of every square inch of your countertop, head to bedbathandbeyond.com and check out the space-saving drying racks, selling for about $20.

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