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A Fish Finder for Everyone

by NWY Staff

“Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 // $200.00


Designed to be “four fish finders in one,” the Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 attempts to fill several niches at once. The Deeper can be used as an ice flasher to identify a great spot before you start drilling. You can attach it to serve as sonar on your kayak or power boat, and then easily move it to another vessel.

And with a diameter of 2.5’’ and a weight of 3.2 oz., the Deeper can also be cast from the shore to locate a bountiful fishing spot for the day. The product automatically saves every location it’s dropped in, so you never forget a great location again.

With no wires and minimal set up, the manufacturers, Deeper Sonar, advertise the ability for an angler to get the Deeper working and in the water just minutes after opening it for the first time. Use your phone or iPad to download the Deeper app to see fish and submerged structures live on your screen.

The Deeper can connect to your device at a maximum range of 150’, and has a depth range of 3’ to 130’. It charges in two hours and lasts for four hours of continuous use. Check out deepersonar.com if you’re interested in upgrading your fishing tech. The device starts at $200, the app is free on iPhone and Android.

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