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Take Sleeping to a Higher Level

by Evin Moore

UNA Tree Tent
As the seasons change, there is still plenty of great camping days left, but the odds of getting rained on are going up. Any tent can protect your head from the rain, but not many tents can also let you escape the cold, soggy ground that follows a rain shower. And even fewer tents can hold you above the hard ground for a comfortable night’s sleep in a hammock.

The UNA Tree Tent from Tentsile has all the features of a tent and hammock rolled into one. It is lightweight and folds up small enough to fit into a backpack. The tent includes a hammock bed that sleeps one, a full insect-proof mesh top, and a removable rainfly for full visibility. The tent is simple enough to set up in about 10 minutes, its three arms are easily attached to any group of trees at the campsite. More potential camping sites become available with the UNA as level ground is no longer necessary, and rocky soil is no problem.

When not in use, the rainfly can also be pegged out on the ground, creating a 25-square-foot area to store your gear beneath the tent. As if all that wasn’t good enough, Tentsile has a pledge to plant twenty trees for every tent sold.

If you’d like to squeeze a little more camping out of the season, head over to tentsile.com, and check out the selection. Tents start at about $187.

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