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Amphibious Trailer Arrives

by Norris Comer

Sealander TrailerThe Sealander amphibious trailer is available for pre-order in Canada, and we had to give this novel craft a closer look. This trailerable unit is essentially the daughter of an off-the-grid Westfalia camper and Euro-chic party barge. The Sealander is billed as a “Caravan and Yacht” by the German company and features many of the features of a larger craft, such as a complete electrical system with navigation lights and optional integrated sound system. Versatility is the name of the game here, and every square inch of space is maxed out for multiple uses. Optional packages include things like a shower, head, BBQ, sink with 2.8-gallon fresh water tank, and single flame stovetop. An outboard bracket is meant to be used with an electric motor, and the wheeled chassis are galvanized to spare it from salt corrosion. Could you actually skipper a Sealander between the San Juans for a weekend getaway? That’ll be up to the future owners to decide. Sealanders are available for preorder from sealandercanada.com.

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