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by Eva Seelye

Scotty Ball Mounting Systems

CGear Sand-Free MatHere’s something for all you anglers that prefer to do your fishing from a kayak; the Scotty Ball Mounting System. Space is limited on a kayak and so are flat surfaces for you to rest a fish finder, a drink, or prepare bait on. Mounting systems can help you maximize the available area. The systems from Scotty come in three distinct varieties, the 150, 151, and 152. They all feature an arm made of stainless steel and glass-reinforced nylon, which fits over a molded 1’’ rubber ball. The arms can be loosened with a simple knob for mobility or tightened for stability, and all three variations have the same rubber ball, making the arms interchangeable between varieties.
The simplest mount, the 150, has a 2¼’’ universal square mounting plate which can hold anything with a flat surface you can put four screws through. The 151 comes with a gearhead adapter and a low-profile track that the mounting arm can be detached from with just a simple twist. The gearhead adapter on the 151 allows you to attach any Scotty post-mount accessory to the arm. The 152 also features a gearhead adapter, plus a larger 241 bracket, which can accept any Scotty post-mount product. A favorite amongst anglers is the Bait Board that can serve as a station for bait preparation, gear repair, or gutting fish. The 152 can accept Scotty camera mounts, universal fish finders, cup holders, or the Scotty Laketroller Downrigger.
The ball mounting systems all have two joints for 360° movement with multiple angles, and the construction guarantees a lifetime of use in fresh or salt water. If you’re looking to unclutter your kayak, increase the flat surface area, or mount a few more toys, check out the ball mounting systems from Scotty. Find out more at scotty.com/products. Prices start at $25.00

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