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by Norris Comer

The Prince of Tides // Free for iOS

TideAppTides matter when you’re crossing a river bar or navigating the many Pacific Northwest straits, and the TideApp by Atlantic Technology is there for you as a resource. This nifty app has a simple layout that’ll get you the tide information you want with minimum fuss. Easily interpretted infographics and displays should make this easy for all to use, from the kid in a kayak to grandpa at the helm. TideApp is designed for both the iPhone and iPad, and is free from the Apple Store.

A Heck of View // Free for Android & iOS

GeoMapAppDive to the seafloor with the Virtual Ocean app, created by Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. This app integrates the GeoMapApp with NASA World Wind, which are used by scientists for research and education. Compatible with Android and iOS, free.

Be the Know-it-all // Android, $18.99

Encyclopedia of BoatingGet ready to wow even the saltiest boaters with The Encyclopedia of Boating app from McGraw-Hill. This app is just exactly what you think it is: a master source for all things boating. With 500 entries that cover seamanship, boat handling, navigation, routine boat maintenance, boat design and building, search and rescue, and more, this app has it all. A “Word of the Day” widget on your home screen and a favorites list of the entries you frequent are a couple of the nice features included. The app is a one-stop shop for just about everything nautical.

The Android-only Encyclopedia of Boating app from McGraw-Hill is available for $18.99.

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