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Aqua Vu HD10i Fishing Camera

by NWY Staff

Aqua Vu Fish CameraFish finders have revolutionized sport fishing, giving anglers a good idea about where fish like to gather and a vague idea about how many are in a certain spot. But even the most elaborate fish finders show blurs on a screen. Using an underwater camera to see exactly what’s going on can be a big advantage and help distinguish one fish species from another. The Aqua Vu HD10i camera, allowing anglers to get a look underwater any time of year, whether ice fishing or cruising the lake at the height of summer.

A high-definition camera and auto-focus system gives clarity to dark, murky waters. An infrared (IR) light source illuminates fish without scaring them away. The IR light is invisible to fish but can be detected and displayed by the camera. The unit’s screen is bright enough to use in full sunlight and displays information like water temperature, depth, and camera direction. The camera is attached to 125 feet of cable, allowing users to look deeply under water. Users can zoom in on targets with just a tap on the screen and use various accessories like trolling fins and extending polls. The entire system is waterproof and has a battery life of about 2.5 hours, although that can be extended with the XD wiring kit.

If you’d like to take your fish locating to the next level, head over to aquavu.com and check out the selection. The HD10i model starts at about $1,000.

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