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Artisan Pizza Oven 60

by NWY Staff
Artisan Pizza Oven 60 accessory

Artisan Pizza Oven 60 accessory

Who says boaters can’t enjoy a fresh pizza pie? The Artisan Pizza Oven 60 accessory is a mobile pizza oven topper for your Camp Chef Cooking System. Inspired by the famous brick ovens in Italy, this foodie accessory will cook a delicious artisan pizza on the go.

Think tasty pizza cooked from the comfort of your cockpit, maybe accompanied by a delicious beer and a view of the San Juan or Gulf Island framing the sunset over the horizon. Ideal evening, if you ask us!

The oven features a domed top, rear vents, and a double layered ceiling to mimic the heating patterns in a true wood-fired brick oven to get that fresh, crispy crust and a delicious pizza of your choice. But don’t think you’re limited to pizza! This oven also makes killer breads, sandwiches, fish, and cookies, so throw on that salmon you snagged on the way and pop it in the oven for a tasty meal. Or better yet, make a salmon pizza! Is that a thing?

To use, pop this accessory atop your 14″ Camp Chef Cooking System stove; no prep required. A cordierite ceramic stone pulls outer moisture off the dough for arguably the perfect crust, leaving the inside fluffy and delicious. Check the built-in temperature gauge to find that sweet spot and read up on the included Cooking Guide for recipe inspiration. The cooking surface area measures 12.6” x 26” with the overall dimensions measuring 14” x 32” x 9” and it weighs 41 pounds.

The Artisan Pizza Oven 60 received the Vesta award for beset barbecue accessory in Hearth & Home magazine, so you know it’s good. Grab yours today at Camp Chef for $172.99.

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