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At the touch of a Button

by NWY Staff

Bullseye Fishing Tracker

Luci Outdoor Inflatable Solar Lantern Keeping track of fishing data and marking great spots from last year can be the thing that separates a good season from a mediocre one. You probably should do it, but who wants to constantly interrupt their day writing notes? The Bullseye Fishing Tracker from ANGLR solves that problem with one handy little button that can seamlessly keep track of fishing details without interrupting your concentration.

The Bullseye is a Bluetooth-paired device that can be clipped, stuck, or attached to nearly all clothing. Once it’s connected to the ANGLR app on your smartphone, one click is all it takes for the Bullseye to collect all the data you’ll need surrounding your catch. Air temperature, water temperature, wind data, barometric pressure, water gage, moon phases, time, and GPS location are all automatically saved in the app, and the camera on your phone is opened to snap a quick picture of your prize. Push the button twice and create waypoints to mark obstacles or great locations for review later.

Because ANGLR knows the value of fishing secrets, all the data collected by the app is stored securely and set to private settings by default. The app takes your data and creates fishing trends regarding time of day, weather conditions, GPS location, and tackle used so you can make smarter decisions in the future.

The Bullseye is waterproof and practically weightless, just attach it anywhere and fish without it getting in the way. The button does not need to be recharged; each Bullseye has a two-year battery life and can be replaced when it runs out. If you want to effortlessly take your fishing to the next level, check out the Bullseye Fishing Tracker on anglr.com, priced from $29.99.

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