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Big Power, Small Package

by NWY Staff

Westerbeke 5.0 MCGA Generator

Luci Outdoor Inflatable Solar Lantern Westerbeke first started making marine generators in 1937 and has been on the cutting edge of design ever since. In September, the tried and true Westerbeke brand released a new compact low-carbon monoxide (CO) gasoline generator for marine use. Their fresh-off-the-assembly-line 5.0 MCGA features multiport electronic fuel injection (MPI).

This MPI system allows for reduced CO emissions, greater fuel efficiency, and a push-button start. In addition to the MPI system, the 5.0 MCGA’s electronic speed control maintains the engine at a constant speed, which nearly eliminates “bogging down” when load is applied. A water-cooled, returnless fuel system reduces the chances of vapor lock when operating in high temperatures.

The 5.0 MCGA operates at an electronically controlled 1,800 rpm, a much lower speed than the standard 3,600 rpm. The low speed 1,800 rpm keeps the generator running longer, more efficiently, and significantly quieter than their 3,600 rpm counterparts.

Most 3,600 rpm generators need sound shielding to achieve the same sound rating as 1,800 rpm generators. The 5.0 MCGA is easily started with a one-touch start and stop control panel and running hour meter. The generator is field convertible between 5.0 kW, 60 Hz, 4.2 kW, and 50 Hz. With a compact design and a total height of only 17.9”, the 5.0 MCGA is a versatile generator that will fit many vessels. Westerbeke offers a five-year warranty for their generators, and locations in 65 countries make their replacement parts easy to find. If you’re looking to upgrade your boat’s electrical system, take a peek at the low-CO generators offered by Westerbeke. More info at westerbeke.com.

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