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Blinded by the Light

by NWY Staff

Lumitec Maxillume Flood Light // $1,000.00+

Flood Light

The annual Fisheries Supply boating product InNEWvation Award in the lighting category went to Lumitec for their Maxillume tr150 and x500 flood lights. These lights were designed by Lumitec for commercial application and work well for marine vehicles or dockside application. The tr150 provides 20,000 true measured lumens and the x500 provides 50,000 true measured lumens. Both are LED lights, which prevent hot-restrike issues or shut-downs related to blown bulbs or ballasts.

The Maxillume series are tested to military standards to resist shock and vibration. Lumitec lights are made of cast aluminum and tempered glass and sealed against water and dirt. If your boat has been a little too dim, think about checking out the Lumitec Maxillume flood lights series. The x500 retails for about $3,900 and the tr150 for $1,000. Both are available on fisheriessupply.com.

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