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Bump, Set, Splash

by Eva Seelye



If you’ve taken the leap off your vessel and swam ashore in the past few years, it’s possible you’ve seen Spikeball players diving, falling, and reaching to keep a small yellow ball from hitting the ground after ricocheting off a mini-trampoline. Spikeball is theoretically a combination of volleyball and foursquare. If you’ve played it, you know its addictive qualities. Now, instead of having to take that leap, their latest product keeps us where we’re most comfortable: the water.

Spikebuoy is Spikeball with a twist. Two teams of two players get three hits to bounce the ball onto the net towards the other team; think bump, set, spike. If they miss, you’re one point closer to 21: the winning score. The only Spikebuoy rule exception involves a pool. If the ball bounces onto the pool deck, it’s out of bounds.

With water in the equation, the game gets slightly more intense. Strap on the set’s buoys to take your Spikebuoy game in water of any depth. The carrying bag acts as an anchor. Just fill it with 3-4 lbs. of any heavy and smooth item and you’re good to go! Some use sand, others use quarters, it’s all up to you.

When you’re ready to pack up and go home, collapse it into pieces small enough to fit inside the anchor bag. Its compact design makes it easy to pack for a weekend at the lake or stow aboard your vessel for stopovers. Purchase Spikebuoy online at spikeball.com for $29.99.

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