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by NWY Staff



Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could bring your vessel on every vacation? Hop off the plane, vessel in-hand and ready to go, and beeline it for the beach? MiniCat made this dream a reality with their brand-new, on-the-go catamaran.

The GUPPY inflatable cat is easy to transport, easy to assemble, and easy to sail, even in next-to-no wind. The 1600x1450mm trampoline remains attached to the GUPPY’s two hulls when folded, making assembly quicker than any of their other MiniCat models. With a 10-minute set-up period, you can spend less of your invaluable time prepping and more time on the water.

To assemble, remove your GUPPY from its 165x30x30 cm stowage bag, and simply insert the two keel fins, inflate both hulls, insert the center tube and rudder, and put the three-part aluminum mast together. Then, pull the sail into place, grab the handles on the trampoline, and launch!

Because of its small and lightweight design, the GUPPY is very fast and sporty with the right wind and can smoothly glide over the surface with just a light breeze. The 3.9 m2 sail from Dacron doesn’t have a boom. It can reach speeds up to 15 knots and will remain stable throughout the entire sail thanks to its keel fins (the same fixing as the 420 models). Low draught makes it possible to sail the GUPPY in shallow and inland waters–perfect for close-to-shore ventures!

The GUPPY was based on MiniCat’s 310 model but with a focus on simplicity and quick assembly. At just about 57 pounds, throw a GUPPY in the back of your car, campervan, on roof racks, or on a plane to elevate any water-focused vacations and/or afternoon sail with minimal preparation. Visit minicatamaran.eu to learn more or give local dealer Sailing Awaits a call to purchase a GUPPY for yourself for
about $2,425!

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