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by NWY Staff

Cruz Kit by Hyndsight

Cruz Kit by Hyndsight

Hey rowers! This product is designed specifically for you. If you’ve ever taken part in this paddle sport, odds are you’ve experienced whiplash once or twice to simply see if you’re headed in the right direction.

If only we could have a pair of eyes on the back of our head (since we’re gliding backwards and all). Sadly, a second set of eyes isn’t feasible (yet), but in the meantime, the Cruz Kit by Hyndsight is a great alternative. It’s a buoyant camera and monitor system uniquely designed to withstand powerful rowing, so you’ll know where you’re headed without ever having to turn around.

The camera is fully wireless, portable, and streams video in real-time with a normal lens to evade image distortion. It’s water resistant and can withstand short-term submersion up to 2′ for 15 minutes. When fully charged, it can last up to eight hours. Mount the camera on the bow and the monitor on the stern of any sculling or sweep boat to maintain a steady course through the non-glare screen.

The Cruz Kit comes with one flush mount, one rail mount, two antennas, two USB chargers, and a cleaning cloth and all fit nicely into the rugged carrying case that’s included. The best part? This system is approved for use in competition by the USRowing Referee Committee. The monitor measures 7.3” wide by 5” high by 1.5” deep at less than a pound and the camera is 2” wide by 3” high and 6” deep at just a smidge over a half-pound. When it comes to choosing the mount that’s right for you, consider checking out Hyndsight’s Rowing Accessory Guide – not all boats are the same! Purchase your kit online at hyndsightvision.com for $499.99.

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