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Dek Magic by SeaDek

by NWY Staff

Dek MagicIf you’re a boater who can’t stand a single stain or bit of dirt on your immaculate deck, then you’ll need a cleaner that can cut through just about any mess that might appear. Dek Magic from SeaDek is a deck cleaner designed specifically for cleaning SeaDek foam, but it can work on any EVA foam, PE foam, PVC, or vinyl. It’s meant to tackle any common maritime spill, like fish blood and guts, motor oil and grease, or red wine spills from that late-night party.

A few sprays of DekMagic and a scrub brush will get most stains out of your deck. The cleaner is water safe and won’t harm sea life. If your decks could use a little work, check out seadek.com and pick up a bottle of DekMagic. Bottles start at $24.99.

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