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Digital Delivery October 2018

by NWY Staff

Podcast Preview // Boat Radio

Boat RadioFrom boat show coverage and cruising hurricane season to circumnavigation stories, Boat Radio covers it all. Whether or not you’re a boat owner, world cruiser, sailing enthusiast, part of a professional yacht crew, or just curious about the boating world in general, you’re sure to find at least one episode that catches your eye and sucks you into the virtual waves of Boat Radio exploration. Its talk show format makes for a casual listening experience with a bit of humor here and there, and a lot of useful information that many boaters would find interesting.

Discover time- and money-saving tips from Carolyn Shearlock’s many years of experience as a liveaboard; take a second to reflect about your fears in the episode, “Life’s more interesting when you say ‘yes;’” or explore the islands of the Pacific with Rick Page and Jasna Tuta – authors of Get Real, Get Gone: How to Become a Modern Sea Gypsy and Sail Away Forever. The list goes on and the adventures are plenty. To listen to this free podcast, tune into Boat Radio on iTunes. And hey, if you love it, maybe even subscribe!

Wavve Boating // $0.99/month or $5.99/year

Wavves AppSome might feel a little uneasy heading out from the comfort of home to unpredictable seas. We get it! The Wavve Boating app could add some relief to the uncertainty of a cruising lifestyle with some of its helpful features. Use its easy-to-read and visually appealing intuitive navigation experience to steer clear of dangerous obstacles; tap open and manipulate the app’s customizable charts to create a map experience that specifically coincides with your unique needs and preferences, and share your knowledge and whereabouts with other Wavve users.

You can pin moorages, boat ramps, fishing, and other points of interest on the map for another user’s benefit. What if you discovered a fishing gold mine that you want to keep for yourself? No problem – just set your pin to private. And lastly, if you enable location sharing, other Wavve users can find you and lend a helping hand if need be. Download today for a 14-day free trial period! Available for iOS and Android.

Global Tide // Free for iOS & Android

Global TidesIf you have a desire to hold the power of the winds and tides in your hands but you’ve accepted the fact that you’re not Zeus, this app will at least get you one step closer to that Greek god dream!

Global Tide is a free app that provides exclusive real-time forecasts for tidal information that’s available offline. Data from major cities, ports, islands, and lakes on a global level are built into the app.

It’s convenient and flexible with incredible accuracy. It supports more than 30 languages and operates in over 100 countries. Industries such as fishery production and maritime rescue put Global Tide to good use, and the app has provided the UAE meteorological data for the Ministry of Environment and Fishers of Ras Al Khaimah since 2016; it has a pretty good resume to say the least! Hopefully it checks out just as well for you. Available for iOS and Android.

Hop Plotter // Free for iOS & Android

Boat RadioMariner history is soaked in booze, and for a good reason. It wasn’t all smooth sailing back in the day when cannons were firing, splinters were flying, and chores were less than gratifying.

They drank to ease the demands of a sailor’s lifestyle, and an alcohol comfort blanket gave them that little extra dose of courage needed to fight battles, so why not continue the historical trend with an app that guides you through the best brews near you?

HopPlotter uses your current location to find taprooms, brewpubs, brewery tours, and more for you to explore world-wide. The app provides each of over 7,000 breweries’ locations, contact information, and hours all in one place, and you can keep track of your favorite breweries and your future stops by saving them to your account.
It even tells you what beer each place is known for! Download HopPlotter for iOS free of charge.

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