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DJI Phantom Drones

by Norris Comer

DJI DroneExcerpted from the 2016 Northwest
Yachting Holiday Gift Guide:

New drones keep swarming the market, but if you see a drone flying overhead, odds are that it is one of DJI’s Phantom-family models that are widely used by serious amateurs and professionals alike. The Phantom 4 comes pre-assembled and ready to fly out of the box (after a summary firmware update and system check, of course).

Like many of the new drones on a market, the pilot can control the Phantom 4 with an app on an Android or Apple tablet or phone in conjunction with a controller. The Phantom 4 has dramatically increased battery life with the largest Phantom battery to date. Maximum flight time is an impressive 28 minutes with a maximum control range of 3.1 miles (according to DJI). Consumers report flight times that are three or four times longer than the Phantom 3, which means more quality footage before battery swaps.

The drone also boasts a tracking feature that follows a target designated by the pilot. With a top speed of 44 mph, the tracking capability purportedly does pretty well. The Phantom 4 is the first drone in DJI’s family to feature a rudimentary collision-avoidance system that’s guided by two small front-facing cameras. You can turn off the collision avoidance if you are maneuvering in tight indoor conditions, but don’t blame the drone if it doesn’t go well. The basic package is $1,399 and includes a radio controller, a single lithium ion battery, a charger, two sets of propellers, a 16GB micro-SD memory card, and other accessories. The premium kit sells for $2,066 with two extra batteries and a backpack.

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