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by NWY Staff

Kobo Aura H2O

Kobo Aura H2O

It’s a gorgeous windy day, you’re cruising full speed ahead and enjoying your book under the sun’s rays when, out of nowhere, a wave splashes over the hull and smacks you straight in the face, completely drenching your engrossing novel. Bummer. It’s too bad you weren’t reading the Kobo Aura H2O. This eReader is completely waterproof inside and out with HZO Protection™. Read it on board, in your tub, or in the pool without a second thought. The reader is waterproof in up to 2 meters (about 6′) of water for up to 60 minutes.

A second sweet feature of the Kobo Aura H2O eReader is the ComfortLight PRO. The ComfortLight PRO emits the optimal hue based on the time of day. It ranges from white sunlight during the day to orange candlelight at night. You can also tailor the light settings to your own personal preferences.

The 6.8” HD Carta E Ink screen has seamless page turns, and the TypeGenius feature offers a variety of text settings to make reading more comfortable for you. Decide on the weight and sharpness of the text and choose from over 50 font sizes and 11 font types. Additionally, adjust your margins, write notes, highlight passages, or look up a word in the built-in dictionary. Reading a book you can’t put down? You don’t have to; its lightweight design makes it comfortable to hold.

“But what about my book selection?” you might ask. “Is it as extensive as Amazon’s?” Well, the answer is no, but the Kobo eBookstore does give you access to over 5 million titles, so you’re still pretty hard-pressed to get bored! Get recommendations based on previous reads and earn Kobo Super Points for every purchase. Pack your 8 gigabytes full of all the reads you’d like. Charge it once and enjoy weeks of battery life. And best yet, worry no more about your watery lifestyle. Head to us.kobobooks.com to purchase your Kobo Aura H2O today for $179.99.

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