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Explore Further in Shallow Water

by NWY Staff

Honda 105 Jet Outboard

Honda 105 Jet Outboard

There are many aquatic environments unfriendly to traditional prop outboards such as shallow rivers and lakes, wetlands, white river rapids, and sandbars. The 105 HP Jet Outboard from Honda is like any other outboard except for its jet propulsion drive. The jet drive allows the outboard to operate in minimal depth without the risk of running aground in rocky shallows or getting caught up in excessive vegetation. Based on Honda’s BF150 platform, the Jet Outboard runs on the same proven engine as the Honda Accord and CRV. The outboard features other Honda innovations, like their unique variable intake system, which optimizes air flow to match engine speed, providing increased combustion efficiency and better torque.

A 24-valve dual overhead camshaft pulls in more air for increased horsepower, while the multiport fuel injection delivers a precise amount of fuel and air to each cylinder, leading to instant throttle response and better fuel efficiency. The onboard connectivity allows engine data to be synced to display systems like GPS or sonar. A 51-amp, belt-driven alternator lowers heat build-up and offers 30-amp battery charging at 1,000 RPM and 40+ amps at 2,000 RPM. An engine alert system notifies the operator of malfunctions while multiple layers of paint, waterproof connectors, and sacrificial anodes protect the outboard from corrosion damage. The 105 meets the highest emission standards from the California Air Resource Board. If you’re looking to do some fishing or boating in shallow water, check out the Honda 105 Jet Outboard at marine.honda.com, starting at $19,264.

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