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FAST Boat Collars

by Evin Moore

FAST Boat Collars by IMS / Prices Vary

FAST Boat Collar

It might be strange to think that your boat could use a life preserver, but there’s great comfort in knowing that your boat is as close to unsinkable as it gets (knock on wood). A foam collar on a boat will keep your craft afloat if you take on water. On top of that, you can’t pop foam, making it the safest material out there. If you’d like this peace of mind, Inventech Marine Solutions (IMS) offers custom collars for any collared boat, from dinghies to 40’ fishing boats.

The Foam Air Stabilizing Technology (FAST) boat collar comes in three options: a 100% air model, a 100% foam model, and their signature model, a collar of 80% foam and 20% air, giving the redundant safety of foam plus the comfort of air. The collars are attached to the vessel with a zipper system, allowing easy access for repairs and maintenance. FAST collars use a protective outer-layer of polyurethane or PVC, offering protection from abrasion and UV damage. The foam models are filled with an expanded polyethylene foam that has 60 lbs. of buoyancy per square foot.

The polyurethane cover comes in 11 colors, so there’s sure to be one that catches your eye. If you are in the market for new collars, check out the FAST collars from IMS at fastcollars.com.

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