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by NWY Staff

Mission Boatgear Sentry Fenders

Mission Boatgear Sentry Fenders

Boat fenders haven’t changed much from their original sausage design, while boats have changed aplenty. Sport boats now come in a wider variety of hull styles, and the standard boat fender may not offer the level of protection boat owners need. Sentry Boat Fenders from Mission Boat Gear are fenders that curve to fit your boat and have a hanging point that is lower than standard fenders.

This allows them to hug the side of the boat, offering protection to both sides of the rub rail without getting caught on the top of the dock. A wide, flat shape prevents rolling and keeps them right where you need them. Made from closed-cell foam, the Sentry Fenders are resistant to both water and UV rays. They are free of harmful chemicals like vinyl chloride, which makes them more environmentally friendly than some other fenders.

Unlike traditional designs, the Sentry Fender uses a woven strap, which resists mold and water wear, to secure the fender to either the boat or dock. The loop strap fits over cleats or the tower rail and can be easily adjusted to the right length. The design means no more tying knots, so the Sentry Fender can easily be attached or detached from your boat.

A large opening on the front of the fender allows dock lines to be passed through if the fender is covering the boat cleat. The fenders come in several attractive colors to complement your boat’s color scheme. The next time you’re in the market for some boat fenders, check out the Sentry Fenders at missionboatgear.com, listed at $64.

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