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by Evin Moore

Sunski Treeline Glasses

Sunski Treeline Glasses

The founders of Sunski never set out to create a sunglasses company (they intended to sell bowls specifically designed for salsa), but they probably aren’t too upset with the unexpected detour.

Started in 2012, Sunski Sunglasses was created by two college roommates who wanted to sell affordable sunglasses based on a pair of circa 1980 glasses picked up on a surf trip to Australia. New to their offering of glasses are the Treelines, polarized glasses with detachable side panels. The panels provide extra protection from the sun on the water or on the snow. Sunski felt that glacier glasses and ski goggles can quickly become over-priced, so they decided to make a pair of glasses that offered the same level of eye protection for less.

The Treelines are made from recycled plastic, like all Sunski glasses, and feature a rubber nose pad and a Visible Light Transmission of 15%. The company employees are all outdoor enthusiasts and 1% of their profit goes into protecting natural resources. A lifetime warranty covers all glasses from Sunski, which is pretty hard to beat. If you are on the look-out for a new pair of sunglasses, check out what Sunski has to offer. Learn more at sunski.com. Treelines are priced at $89.00.

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