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by NWY Staff

Lift eFoil

Lift eFoil

No surfing experience? No perfect swell? No problem! With Lift’s eFoil, you can forget about relying on rad breaks for a sweet ride or towing assistance; even paddling is no longer relevant with this hydrodynamic, torpedo-designed, electric propulsion unit for surfboards. With this new-age surfboard, a battery-powered eFoil sits underwater and propels riders of all skill levels to speeds up to 25 mph.

The craziest part? You’re not gliding on the water’s surface, you’re flying above it. The creators set out to develop a product that combined all their favorite sports—surfing, flying, and deep powder snowboarding—into one design. Catch a wave or cruise a calm bay, the opportunities are endless! Liftfoils.com recommends beginning by laying on the board to get a good feel for how it moves and to master its hand-controlled throttle. Then, slowly rise to your knees and eventually to your feet as you feel comfortable. To elevate your board, slowly accelerate while shifting your weight back until the board is safely above the water.

Once it’s elevated, you’ll need to shift your weight forward once again to truly start flying. The board only lifts when it’s above a certain speed, and like most board sports, it turns as you shift your weight. When your board is lifted, it should turn seamlessly. To stop, release the throttle. If you’re running low on battery, don’t freak out, you’re not shark bait. Your eFoil will slow back to a low power setting until you can safely return to land.

Choose between two boards: The E1 is the larger of the two with better stability and flotation, and good for less experienced riders up to 250 pounds; or the E1 Sport, which is designed for water sports enthusiasts up to 185 pounds who enjoy maximum maneuverability. Because of its corrosion-resistant materials, these systems require little to no maintenance. It’s recommended to inspect them for damages that could affect the way you glide, but other than that, a simple freshwater wash and shaded storage is all you need to keep your Lift eFoil in solid condition.

Lift eFoils require a $6,000 deposit towards its $12,000 price upon purchase. To find out more, order yours, or watch an engrossing demo video, visit liftfoils.com.

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