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Got Rod?

by Norris Comer

Plenty of us are either fishing-obsessed or have an uncle who has the fever. The Bayliner is loaded with more rod holders than the uninitiated know what to do with and the bait well is usually s full. But a fisherman is always looking for ways to get another line in the water, and the last thing anybody wants is to be limited by gunwale space because a cleat is in the way. Accon Marine has a clever solution with their Cleat/Rod Holder Combo.

Cleat HolderThe simple, but possibly genius, piece of hardware incorporates a secure, flush-mount rod holder housed within a pop-up, 6” cleat. The pop-up feature means that the cleat can vanish out of the way of hot lines. The whole thing is made of 316 stainless steel with models available at 0-, 15-, and 30-degree rod-retention angles. The ergonomic unit measures in at just 7.57” x 3.74” x 8.38”, making it a compact and viable option for power and sailboats. If you want to really pack the rods in or just want a versatile way to fish, check out acconmarine.com. Pricing starts at $96.42.

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