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by Norris Comer

NavPod Gen3It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest is a wet place, and we of all people know how important it is to keep the electronics dry. Ocean Equipment, out of Bend, Oregon, recently released the NavPod Gen3 series designed to get the job done. The Gen3 improves upon the older NavPods with thicker gauge, custom co-extruded acrylic capped ABS material.The combination of the acrylic material and durability of the ABS material is designed to combat the corrosive power of the sun.

With over 350 models, there is a NavPod for just about every situation, from rail mounts to swivel displays to entire console stations. These NavPods look pretty good, too. Their glossy white sheen is supposed to last for decades. The double gasket seal means waterproofing from the front and back is standard.

It’s always nice to support a local company. More details on NavPods can be found at oceanequipment.com; prices vary by models.

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