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Ice, Ice, Baby

by NWY Staff

Isiga Ice Cube Bag // $1.79


A lighter, more convenient alternative to a traditional ice cube tray, the Isiga disposable ice cube bag from Ikea may find a place in your galley. The Isiga is a polyethylene bag that is filled from a tap or water pitcher and seals when it is turned upside down quickly.

Simply pop the bag in the freezer until ice forms, then remove it and pull the sides away from the cubes. Break the ice into individual cubes and use them however you need. Use a handful of cubes in a drink or fill up a couple bags to load up a cooler.

When you’re done, just recycle the bag like a respondsible Earth dweller. Whether you’re traveling, or you want a little less clutter on board, think about picking up a 10- pack of disposable Isiga Ice Bag. The Isiga is available for $1.79 at ikea.com.

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