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Inflate, Paddle, Surf, Roll

by NWY Staff

Cascade™ Series SUPs Aquaglide // $699.95


The new stand up paddleboard (SUP) Cascade™ Series by Aquaglide captures several trends in this popular industry and one model even goes beyond the SUP category. The series of inflatable SUP boards boasts high-quality and high-density drop stitch material rated for pressures up to 18 psi. In addition to their high-pressure capabilities—making them comparable to hardshell boards of the industry—they’re also reinforced with PVC layers for extra stiffness and durability, complete with a diamond-grooved EVA deckpad. But our favorite of the series is the Cascade WindSUP; it’s an all in one SUP board and windsurf board—multipurpose at its finest. This particular product includes an integrated mast base pinhole to trade out your paddle for a windsurf sail on those breezy days.


Each SUP board of the Cascade Series is a great travel buddy. Roll it up and pack it into the included Crossroads DLX Backpack to store on board in a tight space or to carry on your hike to a lake or river. Then, break out your Red Double Action Pump —also included in your SUP package—for some ocean, lake, or river paddling; or windsurfing. Nicked a fin? The series’ US fin box not only improves board stiffness, but also makes for easy replacements, as it accepts most readily available fins on the market. The tribal-inspired design is featured on all three SUP boards with a variation on the WindSUP.

The smallest of the bunch at 10’ is aimed for kids to medium-weight paddlers and comes in teal. The next size up at 11’ floats those up to 230 pounds and features blue accents. The last of the SUPs at 12’ is perfect for tracking, speed, and stability for all riders. Its red color contrasted against blue waters is truly eye-catching! The Cascade Series is available at aquaglide.com starting at $699.95.

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